Are you a funeral home director?

What are you doing for Aftercare?

Maybe you have an answer, maybe you do not but it's probably not a major part of your business plan.

What are you doing for Marketing?

While you may have many answers, you are probably spending 4% to 6% of your revenue as marketing is likely to be a major part of your business plan.

Are you willing to see how the first two are really the same question?

In order for Aftercare to work for you it must be done correctly and must offer true quality support. If your aftercare is not sincere and pure of heart it will not work for you, but neither will it work if it does not fit into your business plan.

Walking Through Grief will do just that for you. Hosted by grief experts Darcie Sims and Alan Pedersen, the DVD set helps to educate and inspire individuals through their individual grief journey.
We have a three-pronged approach that allows us to help you with the right approach for your business.


All you do is provide the name and address of the grieving families and we do the rest. Four times over the next year we provide them with a different supportive Walking Through Grief DVD along with a card expressing sympathy and compassion from your funeral home. We do all the work - you just provide the names. Throughout all of this your funeral home is connected to the healing.

Custom pricing based on your needs (allow us to build an Aftercare program specific to your needs)
A grieving individual needs to know that they are not alone with the feelings that they are experiencing. They crave information on how to navigate the grief journey, and funeral homes are in the perfect position to facilitate this. Here is where the melding of marketing and aftercare come together to aid in the healing of both the grieving individual and the bottom line. The following is an example of how the Touchback program can work for your families:

Within two weeks
A Guide to the Grief Journey – Begins the healing process, allowing them to understand they are not alone and most of what they feel and think is a normal part of the grief journey and that healing is a process not a destination.
Between October 15 and Dec 15th
Handling The Holidays – Holidays and special events can be especially difficult without their loved one. Questions like "How do you honor and incorporate them as well as recognize the potential triggers which may bring emotions to the surface?" will be addressed.
Between 6 and 9 months after the Death
The 5 H's - Hurt, Hope, Help, Honor, Healing – We all hurt in the beginning of the process but how does one travel this journey from a world of constant hurt to a life of healing?
Between 9 months and a year after the Death
How To Walk With the Bereaved - Tools to support and understand those on the grief journey. Their closest friends and family want to help but do not know what to do. This video will help their loved ones help them.


Use one or more of our videos for a community outreach event.

Partnering with religious and hospice groups as well as local self-help grief support groups will help get the word out. Press releases to local radio, newspaper and TV stations will provide additional outreach and positive PR. Working with local rotary groups and the chamber of commerce can help reach other members of the community. When you offer the event make sure your name is clearly associated with it, but this is not a time to sell other services. This is marketing, not sales, and is about building name recognition and community trust. This can be an opportunity to have the community associate the funeral home with a positive caring feeling, not just the worst day of their life.

Grief Support Group Toolkit

The Walking Through Grief toolkit  is designed to be used in a facilitated self-support group setting and includes nine DVDs, facilitator’s guide, professionally developed handouts, and online support group management too. Everything you will need to run you own grief support group.


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