The Premier Grief Healing Program

The Walking Through Grief product line is divided in to two sections. One is a series of single short DVDs with a variety of different focuses. Each DVD is designed to stand-alone and be used by individuals or groups around a specific topic. The second section is a grief program designed to be used in a facilitated environment that includes everything you need to run and facilitate a successful grief support group.

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Let Us Show You How


Become the Facilitator

Facilitator's Toolkit

Our nine-disc DVD series provides a set of practical tools to enable an individual to facilitate and organize a grief support group.

The facilitator's guide is designed to aid in every aspect from how to set up the room to how to close the meetings and professionally developed handouts facilitate discussion or introspection during the support group meetings, as well as, at home activities.

DVDs for the Bereaved

Single DVD Titles

Each DVD is designed to stand alone and be used by individuals or groups around a specific topic. Whether you use these in a group or in the privacy of your own home they will offer you hope, healing and support on your grief journey.

The DVDs can be used in a variety of settings and with different audiences to support the bereaved and to educate those who wish to help.

Bring in the Experts

The Walking Through Grief nine-disc DVD series is about offering hope and help while providing information and practical tools to those navigating the grief journey.

Hosted by grief experts, Darcie Sims and Alan Pedersen, the DVD set helps to educate and inspire individuals through their individual grief journey.

Enable Self-healing

Support on your schedule when you want and need it.  Anywhere you want whenever you want watch all or a portion of one of the DVDs. 

If you want support at, 3 in the morning, when all your friends are unavailable, turn on the DVD and be supported by experts as well as other grievers that will offer hope along the journey.