Are you or someone you love hurting?


Walking Through Grief singles offers you the ability to:

  • Access support on your schedule when you want and need it. Anywhere you want, whenever you want - watch all or a portion of one of the DVDs. If you want support at 3 in the morning, turn on the DVD and be supported by experts as well as other grievers that will offer hope along the journey.
  • If the best way for you to grieve is in private the video provides a safe environment to understand the grief journey in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  • Offers comprehensive support – The videos each include a wide variety of individuals on many different grief journeys, allowing you to connect to their journey and relate, providing a guide for you to find hope.

Single titles from the Walking Through Grief Series

  • A Guide to the Grief Journey – Allows you to understand you are not alone and most of what you feel and think is a normal part of the grief journey. The healing is a process not a destination.
  • Handling The Holidays – Holidays and special events can be especially difficult without your loved one. How do you honor and incorporate them as well as recognize the potential triggers which may bring emotions to the surface you thought you and moved past?
  • How To Walk With the Bereaved - Tools to support and understand those on the grief journey
  • The 5 H's - Hurt, Hope, Help, Honor, Healing – We all hurt in the beginning of the process but how does one travel this journey from a world of constant hurt to a life of healing?

Are you looking to start a grief support group?

Walking Through Grief toolkit - The Walking Through Grief program is an informational and inspirational nine-disc DVD series offering hope to the bereaved. It includes all the different components necessary to run a successful Grief Support Group.

  • DVD Series
  • Worksheets for discussion and personal development
  • Facilitators Guide
  • Online grief support group manager