I have been using the Walking through Grief DVD series at our support group and it has been a huge success.  It provides wonderful insight to the grief journey and provides valuable tools to help along the way.  The diversity of the contributors adds an invaluable aspect to the series.  There is always someone to relate with.  Each DVD is better than the last and our group always looks forward to our discussions after viewing them.

Available in single DVD format or as a multipart program complete with a Facilitator’s Guide, “Walking through Grief” is a series of DVDs that can be used not only by support group facilitators to develop or to augment their own grief support programs, but also by mourners looking for tools to help them better understand and manage their own grief journeys. Each DVD includes extended visits with noted grief experts as well as “In Their Own Words” segments with bereaved individuals coping with different types of loss—all offering their personal experiences, best insights and practical suggestions for navigating grief.

To say that I was deeply affected by the content is an understatement, as I often found myself moved to tears as I worked my way through these beautiful recordings. The production quality is just outstanding, and the style of the presenters as well as the interviewees is wonderfully heartfelt and honest. The content is at once reassuring, calming, authentic, and hopeful. It is also normalizing and informative, and consistent with current thinking and best practices in the field of thanatology. Best of all, it gives grievers an opportunity to see and hear some of the finest practitioners in our field: Dr. Darcie Sims, Alan Pedersen, Mitch Carmody, Drs.Gloria and Heidi Horsley and Glen Lord, among others, and to hear from real people struggling with their own grief issues, all bound by the common experience of loss. I am pleased to give this outstanding series my highest praise, and I am delighted to recommend it to my clients and colleagues alike. 

We have had only praise for the Walking Through Grief series at our United Methodist Church. A number of our group participants had experienced the Grief Share curriculum prior to our selection of WTG, and they are our most enthusiastic supporters for the curriculum change. While the group is not meeting weekly during the summer, we will gather for dinner this next Monday evening....group members have begun to be support for one another.

Several have decided to worship in our church, though that has never been a "push" from us. We have been about compassionate relationships, and WTG is a beautiful "fit" for us. We are grateful for the honesty, the sensitivity, and the diversity that is part of WTG. We are grateful for the ways in which your stories of loss and grief have become messages of hope. My husband and I have often said that grief ministry is not one we "signed up for". I suspect you and your contributors did not "sign on" either. But out of our pain, we have been blessed with a path to help others.

We are so grateful for the Walking Through Grief series. And as I watched, I mourned for Darcie --- she gave us so much in the short time we "knew" her.