Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I run my group in a virtual environment?
    Yes, ALL Sessions on Both DVD and ONLINE. The program includes all the different components necessary to run a successful in-person on virtual Grief Support Group.
  • What is included in the facilitator guide?
    Included in the guide is a discussion of the role of a support group, the facilitators responsibility and the components needed for each week as well as alternative uses of the DVDs. The guide along with the additional handouts available online will provide every tool necessary to run a successful grief group.
  • What is being provided to help me run my meetings?
    The 9 DVDs are intended to be used in a group setting, and the accompanying facilitator guide will provide detailed instructions on how best to implement this series into your meetings. Worksheets and handouts are also provided for you to download and use as a companion to the DVDs with group members.
    You will also be able to manage the group using our online interface. From this interface you will be able to schedule meetings, post discussion topics, and create newsletters with our newsletter generator.
  • What kind of ongoing support do I have while running these groups?
    We provide ongoing technical support for all of our online products. 
  • What does the Walking Through Grief Program include?
    The program includes the 9-DVD set, a Facilitator's Guide, and access to our family of online support group facilitation tools. Check out the rest of the site for a more detailed breakdown of each of these parts.
  • How can I manage my group members?
    We've created a handful of tools that you can access through our website. Some of these include a bulk emailer tool to easily send messages to all group members at once, a group calendar that can be shared with group members, a newsletter generator, and a group membership page that lets you easily add or remove members.
  • I’m running a group or interested in running a group. Where do I start?
    This website is a good start! Take a look around, we've done our best to tell you all about the tools we offer to support your grief support group. If you have any questions that aren't answered here, you can always send us an email to [email protected].
  • Do I have to buy new materials/webpage everytime I run a new group?
    Nope! The initial cost is a one-time cost, and includes the DVD, online group management tools, and facilitator's guide (and more!).
  • How are the DVDs set up? How would I use them in a group setting?
    The DVDs were created with the idea in mind that they would be shown in a group setting. We've also created an accompanying Facilitator's Guide that will walk you through using the DVDs in a facilitated group setting.
  • Where can I list my group?
    In addition to the current ways you publicize your group, we've created a Support Group Locator tool on the Grief Toolbox website that allows the bereaved an easy way to find your group. Groups that use the Walking Through Grief toolset will be differentiated from the other user-submitted groups.